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Learn with Books

Learn the Key to Speak
Positively and Build Others
with Your Words

  • Daily learning on
    positive speech
  • Growth tools
    for each day
  • Realistic life scenarios

A Personal Growth
Approach to Speech

  • Practical scenarios teaching halachos
  • Explores the middos behind speech
  • Builds awareness
    and sensitivity

Rav Segal’s strategy
for Yeshuos

  • 2 halachos a day, according to Rav Segal’s calendar [4-month cycle]
  • Adapted from Sefer Chofetz Chaim
  • Special section on shidduchim

Learn with Books

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Daily Q&A

Q&A on everyday things you say.
Relevant questions, concise answers

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Daily Companion

Learn 2 halachos daily
following Rav Segal's
calendar cycle

Included in this email
is an audio recording by
Rabbi Ephraim E. Shapiro

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Live Life Better

Two minute motivational
video by Mr. Michael Rothschild
three times a week

Be the person who speaks
positive of everyone
and everything

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